Intended projects of The Foundation include:

Production of audio, digital film/video, virtual reality and teleconferencing versions of MindFitness Training, research results and applications. We believe that a substantial demand already exists for inspirational documentary and docudrama films devoted to consciousness and life/performance enhancement. “What the Bleep Do We Know” is an example of the kind of feature length docudrama which is generating an international audience. Our intention is to seek grants and develop other support strategies that will make IMF research and applications accessible to as many as possible.

Corporate and entrepreneurial sponsorship and partnering is, of course, welcome. In fact, we believe some of our research will produce products and services which might best be handled through a traditional business structure. This kind of cooperation can further strengthen the Foundation’s economic base through royalties and sale of rights etc. This strategy has proven to be a powerful ‘win - win’ for many nonprofit and educational institutions.

Although we expect our research may contribute to theoretical neuroscience insights, our primary focus is on discovering practical techniques and strategies which can be used by ordinary people of all ages and backgrounds to enhance the quality of life and performance. Areas of interest that we are working on include but are not limited to the following:

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