Investigation into the relationship between technology assisted self-regulation strategies, advanced stress management techniques and healthy aging. The research is exploring changes in neurochemistry, hormones etc., as well as many other markers of healthy aging such as cardiovascular fitness and cognitive functions etc. We are particularly interested in the relationship of percent alpha brainwaves and healthy aging.

Some people have a richer alpha mix than others as they age. Are they also the ones who experience better mental and physical health as they age? If so, can we enhance the aging process by restoring more ‘youthful’ alpha production using neurofeedback strategies?

So far, our research which seems to support the concept that moderately low cost learning programs (including neurofeedback) can enhance the quality of life for almost all age groups, including the late middle-aged (Baby Boomers) and seniors. We feel the same kinds of programs may also reduce medical costs and increase longevity.