We see what we are doing as good science.

We are concerned with understanding the role of belief and how to change beliefs which may be limiting to beliefs which are less limiting. And, when possible, to go beyond belief to direct insight into “what is”. Our goal is to contribute to the unfolding of core or intrinsic potentials within human beings - potentials which reflect and implement highest quality of intelligences possible (including emotional intelligence). Additional Bio.

Research is ongoing and has a practical and immediately applicable focus: Our intention is for research projects to yield learning strategies that can be used to enhance consciousness and general health - the two being interdependent (except under special circumstances).

We suggest that the questions and insights derived from the work of many extraordinary minds in our time (including but not limited to J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm) raises the standard in psychology, education, philosophy and neuroscience, demanding far more holistic research strategies than are commonly used today.

Wise application of the principles emerging from the questions and insights underlying the work of leading scientists, teachers and ‘artists of living’ have profound implications for uplifting and transforming individual lives, and by extension, our beautiful, beloved and troubled world.

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